green inspired GiVeAwAy!!! *updated with a WINNER!!*

138 thoughts on “green inspired GiVeAwAy!!! *updated with a WINNER!!*”

  1. Hello Esme and Ericka, What a fun bag! My daughter is 9 and a serious “tom boy”. But recently she has started to discover bags, purses, etc… I think she would love this! Now dont forget to come sign up for my giveaway. Take Care Kashoan

  2. I would give this bag to my little girl who will soon be 2. She loves to carry things around in whatever she can find like mini buckets or drawdtring bags. She would love this adorable bag!Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!3janbabies[at]gmail[dot]comKaren of the MomDot Street

  3. My best friend’s daughter would love this. She is such a girly-girl and has had purses since she’s been able to carry one around!shellbell212 at gmail dot com

  4. I would gift this to my 3 year old niece. She is such a little diva. Whenever we go anywhere, she has to take a “purse” with her because all the “big girls” carry them. She is such a bright spot in my life!!!!sherri419 at gmail dot com

  5. What a cute bag! I would give it to my 3 year old daughter who is OBSESSED with bags, purses, and backpacks. She has to pack one everytime we leave the house, even if it is just to the grocery store.millkara [at]

  6. My name is Heather, and I am mommy to Autumn who is 2! She is a girly girl and LOVES to take my purses and use them. She started carrying her own diaper bag before she turned two!

  7. My daughter would love this bag, both my girls are always taking my bags, dumping them out so they can carry their stuffI would love it if you would come to my blog and possible vote for my girls

  8. I’m the mama to three boys and they love bags! They are always finding mine and loading them up with their cars so I would give it to them. 🙂 alainamj AT yahoo DOT com

  9. I would give this to my daughter. She always wants to take one of her little animals with her everywhere she goes. This would be a perfect place to put them. Thanks. So cute.

  10. That is really cute! Whimsical, I love it! My daughter is one but I would save it for her, but in all reality my 3 y/o son would use it as soon as he saw it 🙂

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