for her teacher

9 thoughts on “for her teacher”

  1. aw, michelle, i think “amanba” is cute too! :)krafty kash:: i will post all about it when we make pillow cases. you can measure existing cases too. esme’ picked out some flannel at jo ann’s black friday sale and i think it would make a sweet pillow case… we’ll see what she thinks!cook:: i think these will make fabulous grandma gifts! we are making them for grandparents too :)xo,erika

  2. We learned how to do this in Girl Scouts when I was a little girl. One of my mom’s friends adopted a baby, and I wanted to do a onesie for her with a sheep (nursery theme) and her name. I got every letter correctly written backwards except the “d”, so it said Amamba. Luckily, they thought it was cute because of the sheep! ;0)

  3. Ok…I would love to know the measurements on a pillow case. I have some fabric that would be great for my girl. Esme’s teacher will lovethat bag and carry it around for along time to come. Great idea!

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