whimsical waldorf

16 thoughts on “whimsical waldorf”

  1. I’ve been dreaming of making a waldorf doll and the little clothes too. These look like so much fun. I’ve been told there is quite a bit of information on the internet about how to do these. Yours are gorgeous. I’m sure they will be well loved!Amy

  2. thank you for all the sweet comments 🙂 esme’ loves her! hopefully i can find some time to blog about our christmas tomorrow.michelle, i did not have a kit. i ordered the cotton tricot for her skin and a stockinette for the head from dancing rain dolls and used wool roving and bamboo batting to stuff her. dancing rain dolls does have patterns and kits available, as well as other fun doll making materials!

  3. She came out great Erika!! WTG! Did you use wool batting for her? I so want to do another with all the proper supplies. 🙂 Maybe for the girls’ b’days…

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