LoVe your blog! *GiVeAwAy*

48 thoughts on “LoVe your blog! *GiVeAwAy*”

  1. My favorite in the portfolio is the berry patch one. If I were to win I’d want to spiff my (very new) blog up by making it more sophisticated with the side bars. mitanari[at]yahoo[dot]com

  2. I am in desparate need of a makeover, I’m almost embarressed to let people know about my blog!!I’m really torn I like ths shape of Flip Flop Mama, the style of Drama Mama, and the buttons on Gossip Style Wed.Did I mention I wsa indecisive…

  3. šŸ˜€ Love this! šŸ˜€ My blog is in desperate need of a makeover after I killed it the other day :-p My favorite is the Summer Nook-pink is the color of hope Banner… too cute! šŸ˜€ I would actually love something actually related to the whole idea of my blog :-p specially a purple bug somewhere… I dunno, sort of a fresh start!

  4. What a fun giveaway – I’d love to have a few new buttons for my blog. My favorite style of Summer’s work is the clean plate club. I’m a minimalist for sure.Cheers,Holli

  5. What a great giveaway! (I found you through Ravelry: carrieg777) I really like the Peterson 6 blog in her portfolio. So cute. As for my blog, I’d really like to do something with the side panels, such as little owls. I really just want my blog to look fresh.(I’m now a follower and a subscriber!)

  6. This is the second time I’ve landed hereby clicking over from comments you’ve left on friend’s blogs. I’m wondering how you know my friend Holli? (feeding the big guy). Anyway, I live in Idaho, too. I think I like your header and buttons, etc the best of all the designs I saw. I like white, bright and simple. I really need a new Etsy banner and avatar/button so this would be a fun prize to win.

  7. I so love my blog and I saw at Darcy’s knotty knitter’s blog that you are giving away a super uber cool blog templete. I like the Cherished Impressions or the MOmmy Writing templetes the best.Hugs Patt

  8. Love Flip Flop Mama’s blog header. Way cute! I’d like to have something that’s uniquely mine. I’d have to think about the design aspect some more, though. I don’t have anything concrete yet, but I definitely like simplicity and color.

  9. My two favorites are “Gossip. Style. Wed” (love the elegant look there) and Drama Mama (the colors rock).I’d probably go for some really cool earth tones with some red thrown in. Something bookish too.Pick me! šŸ˜€

  10. I am following you also and I have linked to you on my side bar and when i blog tonight I grabbed your button to let people know again. I have no idea how to use the subscribe reader thing, I tried other times and well I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing.Oh I like so many of her designs… I like PINK but I’d like a nice crisp new look to mine. I recently get a three column layout finally, but it’s still not like I want. What a great prize.

  11. Wow, great blog you have! I like Flip flop momma and Life with boys, but maybe because those are topics that interest me. The banners created for you are terrific.

  12. I’ve never visited your blog before. But taking a glance at the many, many buttons on your side bar, I can tell I will like you!Now, as for re-designs, I’m not sure. I do know the things I would look forward to most are nicely designed sidebar header-button things, and maybe a navigation bar, and a beautifully coordinated blog as a whole. But it’s hard to describe what I like until the moment I decide. I like simple but pretty, colorful but not too busy. I don’t like *over* simple, either. And then I tend to like changes every season, to match the mood of the time of year.I like the designs from The Clean Plate Club, iMommy, and I have to say I just love each of the banners that Summer has done for your own blog, here!

  13. Hi Erika, I like “the clean plate club.” Fresh, clear, not-remotely-cutesy. I also like Tale of a Kansas Girl, also, for the same reason. The other designs are great but for myself, I want not-cute, fresh, vibrant colors, clear-headedness. The one ending in “Wed,” too, is elegant, simple. If I had a makeover, I’d want my blog to have a fresh, unique look. I’d have a bigger profile picture OR EVEN TWO! and focus on the fiber-arts Flickr button. I’d also ask for consultation: with a hopeful career in writing, how do I select the very best from my 300ish entries? How do I make my blog a showcase for my best work, without shooting myself in the foot for “previously published work”? What risks are worth taking, to represent my work well? Also, I write about my children. I don’t post their photos. How else do I think protectively about them, in my writing?I’m VERY, VERY choosy with my links to other blogs. But if I win your contest, you’ll be on there.

  14. My very favorite blog design is the one for Memarie Lane’s blog. I think that the charm idea is so unique and it looks lovely. All of her blog designs are classy, I would be so pleased to win one. I like vintage designs and would proboly want something with a red theme.

  15. I like play more live more the best. I would make the header look more like a broadway playbill on my blog.I became a follower of your blog and I will post a link in a minute,

  16. I like the basic girl in the blues! This would be awesome!! The little knowledge of html I had fell to the wayside as the kiddos started to come. Thank goodness for blogger templates! The StitchWitchery could definitely use a makeover!

  17. i like the colour combination of fashionably late & witty, the layout of imommy and the lovely simplicity of the clean plate club. off to become a follower… (how do you know? i use my rss or atom or something feed, i'm pretty sure it's invisible to you. is there something i don't know?)

  18. i like the memorie one the best (with the charm bracelet) but i like anything blue.i would probably ask for something in blue, sweet and simple with maybe just one photograph to the side. i have no idea how to do anything at all like that myself!

  19. You always have the ciutest blog! Thanks for doing this giveaway. I checked out her work…my favs are about mommo clean plate club, chersihed impressions, and serenity. I would LOVE to have more color, flowers, and polka dots. Oh, I do hope I win! This is great Erika!

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