birthday, birthday, BIRTHDAY!

5 thoughts on “birthday, birthday, BIRTHDAY!”

  1. Looks like a wonderful birthday. I went the purchased cake this year as well. I typically make them as well, but I just couldn’t find it in me this year. Perhaps I’ll give K-Girl’s a try at the end of the month. Happy birthday to both of your kiddos!

  2. LOL harper’s little pose is adorable! i can’t believe how grown up the kids look! the party looks like it was a big hit! i’m a sucker for pinatas but i can never find a good place to hang ’em at our parties. 😦

  3. Looks like the Birthday party was alot of fun love the crowns:)Athena’s 3rd Birthday was Friday but we are waiting for Toms return in June to celebrate.Saturday was my oldest Skyler’s Birthday he turned 24 years old.I knit him a hat and bought him some jelly bellys his favorite treat.Wish I could be in Idaho to see all of you.((((Hugs))))) Darcy

Your kind words make my day. friends! Thank you! xx

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