6 thoughts on “firsts”

  1. Awww such a big boy! Esme is beautiful. Good luck to both of them this year. E-Man is waiting until next year. I feared he just wasn't ready to be apart from Momma this year – and I'm being selfish wanting a year home alone with him all day before he starts. 🙂

  2. The pictures are so cute they are growing up quickly.Alora likes Kindegarten and Athena has preschool twice a week right now she has a cold so she fell asleep under the kitchen table tonight at first I was panicked couldn't find her looked under all the beds then I spotted her zonked under the table poor girl and I think she might be sharing her cold with mama.Hugs Darcy

  3. Boy can I relate! I'm finally letting go of my fear now that Kade has been on and off the bus two days in a row… safely! I also found time to read a little of a wonderful book I'd been trying to get to… Now there's a first!Your pictures are beautiful, much like you Mama! ♥

Your kind words make my day. friends! Thank you! xx

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