itty-bitty, rough and tumble, hurt and broken.

3 thoughts on “itty-bitty, rough and tumble, hurt and broken.”

  1. Oh how sad those teeny tiny casts are, I am sure he will love to show it off one day when he is a big boy though. My daughter had a girl from school bring in a baby cast for show and tell and she talked about it for weeks.Glad he is on the mend now. Happy New Year to you and you family!

  2. poor little guy! I feel your pain, though. I fell down the stairs with my 5 month old and didn't find out until two weeks later that his arm was broken (he had xrays for a chest cold). I felt sooooooo bad – we had even taken him to the ER that night (2 days before Christmas!) but they didn't think xrays were necessary. The radiologist said "don't worry, it's healing great! In fact, at this age, as long as both pieces are in the same room they'll heal just fine!" ha! Hope he loves his cast 🙂

Your kind words make my day. friends! Thank you! xx

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