winter farmette*

I am officially over Winter. This seems to occur every year, immediately following the holidays. Today it was warm-ish so we bundled up and went out to do some backyard chores. Now we are back inside and cozy with lungs full of fresh air, happy animals, a happy tiny kiddo and a mama that wants … Continue reading winter farmette*


Waking up to the most beautiful frost covered trees. Fermenting fresh cranberries in raw honey. And this. Precious inspiration. Welcome to my new h(OM)e, darlings. I am so happy you are here. Continue reading lately*

happy, HAPPY mama*

 Anyone remember this unfortunate incident that took place last Spring? I have been using that broken range for 15 months (but who’s counting?!). Turns out it is perfectly functional without that outer glass however the door no longer stayed open by itself. That means I have been propping the door open with my knees this … Continue reading happy, HAPPY mama*