luca and i recently had our photos taken for a local photographer’s blog series. she took pictures of fifteen mamas and their nurslings for a beautiful celebration of breastfeeding.  we had our photos taken at a park at sunset in front of the prettiest frozen pond. i was thrilled that she was able to get … Continue reading cozy*love


did you know that it is world breastfeeding week 2010? mama’s milk certainly deserves a celebration, i think! here are a few of my favorite nursing photos from the past three years. busy on-the-go harper, 2008- just stopping by for a sip. breastfeeding harper on the salmon river harper and mama on the payette river … Continue reading cheers

excused absence

my little blog was sadly neglected this week while we were busy experiencing life and creating fun. unfortunately life dealt us the nasties~ chest colds and sore throats. and, for me, yet another bout with mastitis. i am feeling much better now and my little ones are on the mend as well. just a couple … Continue reading excused absence

milky on the go!

this is what our breastfeeding relationship has come to! harper often just stops in for a quick sip on his way to the next big adventure. there are times when i feel like a drive through restaurant (or breastaurant rather!) but as busy as he is these days there is still nothing sweeter than snuggling … Continue reading milky on the go!