i decided that i was completely serious when i said i was going to devote the entire month of january to selfish projects, just for me. i am going to knit and sew myself some lovely items and not feel one bit guilty. i have a couple knit skirts all lined up and we are … Continue reading my*january

for love

this week ::sugar cookies, glue sticks, paper hearts, crayons and glitter… cards for her friends, cards for her classmates, cards for his friends, and gussied up shoe boxes. have a lovely weekend friends!erika Continue reading for love

happy day

today was :: pretty dress, curled hair, fancy shoes and her first christmas program at school. making batches of rice crispy treats for classroom parties. visiting with not one but two good friends who stopped by to say hello. finishing a knitting project, just in time for solstice gifting (photos soon!). adoring these little doll … Continue reading happy day